You want to see your small business growing consistently. What do you need to accomplish this?

Employees. First and foremost, your most valuable resource is your employees…(they may be your biggest source of problems too) but without them your business cannot operate. The quality of your employees is key to the success of your business. You have to make sure that your employees are happy, they need to enjoy what they are doing, to care about the quality of the products or services your company is supplying. They need to be as happy in their jobs as you can possibly make them basically.

They also obviously need to be productive, often people don’t really work to even 50% of their capacity  and the reasons for this can be to do with the kind of people they are, their background and most of all their attitude, you need to be very careful when interviewing your future employees to be able to spot the ones that are most likely to be valuable assets to your company, and the ones that will not.

The ones you want are people who seriously want to be successful, are motivated and understand the value of hard work, these are people that will help your business to grow. They will actually want your business to be successful in order to be more successful themselves.  As an employer you need to be able to recognize the skills of each individual and be able to place them in the roles that will suit them best where their performance will be effective and will help propel your business forward.

Finding the right employees (ones that are going to fit in well with your business)

Your recruiting and hiring process needs to be carefully examined to ensure it is as effective as possible. It is quite a complicated and difficult process to learn but once you have that in place you will be glad you made the effort because hiring the wrong employee can be an extremely damaging and expensive mistake.

So, during the process of interviewing your potential new staff you need a system in place that will determine how well each applicant is likely to fit in. They need first and foremost to fit the job’s requirements in terms of their actual responsibilities and duties in the company, they need to have more than a passing interest in what your business actually does (so they won’t get bored).

They need to have some indication that they have achieved a certain level of success already in their working lives as then they will be more likely to have something positive to contribute to your business. You need to demonstrate that they will be given effective and well thought-out training to help them get up to speed in their positions and they will need to see a clear opportunity for them to grow more successful within your business. You need to make sure that they can see a clear promotion path that is attainable and worth pursuing. Finally, you have to pay them well and offer the kind of benefits you would be looking for if you were looking for a similar job.